TPBD – Pod Blog – Vegas Edition – 6/19/18

Join Jamey and John as they take up the challenge of one of the shows fans, and find the positive influences of the Venetian Resort and beyond.  Included are talks of architecture, historical significance, art form, jobs creation and parking.  Also included on the show is a discussion of concierge travelling with their VIP guests. #crankyjohn


TPBD – Pod Blog – Vegas Edition – 6/12/18

Jamey, Julia & John discuss the negative effects of slot machines on the human brain and the "Machine Zone."  Also on the show...How hard is it to stay healthy in a town like Las Vegas? and Is there a marked difference in respect and tipping between male and female concierge?

TPBD – Pod Blog – Vegas Edition – 5/01/18

Jamey is joined by Deidra, a massage therapist in Las Vegas.  Their discussions include what it is like to work the floor of a casino and which players do and do not like massage horror stories, the myth of the happy ending...and the Amish...seriously, the Amish.

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