“Vampire on the Strip” by John Thorpe

From the late ‘60s until the mid-1970s, ABC television aired The ABC Movie of the Week on Tuesday nights from 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Remember that back then, we were limited to the three national networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS), plus a handful of local channels. If you didn’t like what any of those... Continue Reading →


What’s it Like Living in Las Vegas…?

Join Jamey with his guests Julia and John as they reminisce and discuss what it is like to live in Las Vegas and answer listener questions about Holiday traditions, cost of living and what the clubs are really like. Also they cover how hard it is to be a woman in Las Vegas and what changes the gig economy and Millennial generations are demanding.

To Grope or Not To Grope

On the November 21, 2017 podcast, the panel discussed a craze that has recently becoming a national pastime: is that the outrage be expressed now to ensure maximum sympathy and attention, and to gain acceptance in the #metoo club. While many of these accusations are clearly serious and warrant our attention, others seem to me to be trivial and weak, and only serve to distract us from and dilute the more pernicious and justifiable claims.

The Kryptonite of a Generation

There was nothing that brought me more joy than to visit my local comic book shop. The titillation that was felt, followed quickly by gleeful goose flesh when the proprietor went into my pre-arranged and private comic cubby to retrieve my selections for the month, was wonderful.  What awaited me, in that tiny dark box,... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Slot Clubs and Days of Turkeys Past

Join Jamey as he joins Adam and Sam for discussions of Las Vegas Slot Club Cards and the myths behind them. Also included is a special interview with Chris the host of the "Faces and Aces" Podcast as he discusses his experiences as a consumer of Las Vegas...with, of course, the Nerd Alert covering a Disney/Fox merger and the New Star Wars Trilogy and a controversial Nerd Grinders.

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